no politics, no religion, no morals – another write-up.. did i find my underlying philosophy?

Why does the Internet have (mostly) Free thought today?  It’s an unlikely source: #librarians   Do you know the Librarian’s Creed?  Look it up; it’s true:
no politics, no religion, no morals

We don’t think of them as activists.  But let’s say there is no longer a need to categorize information; actually, we’re already here; the Internet.  We have keyword searching and such.

Let’s imagine the need for physical libraries is gone; everything is digital.  No more paper.  [unlikely but certainly possible; having permanent backup in case of digital failure is important but that’s another discussion].

So, all information is digital.  So then, imagine a politician sways a large number of people to democratically decide that a particularly unpopular worldview ‘needs to be eliminated’.

So, the people vote and forums and sites are removed from the net because they promote the unpopular view.  Then… it’s gone forever.

Who would fight to keep them alive?  The Librarian; no politics, no religion, no morals

Without a Librarian’s attitude in charge of information flow… we could be led into a single dominating worldview and not even know it was happening.

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