No Murder is not a form of brutality. Bruises and broken bones heal. Death is forever.

No Murder is not a form of brutality. Bruises and broken bones heal. Death is forever.

If you don’t draw a line, anything eventually becomes justifiable.

If I can lower murder to brutality, and brutality to smacking someone around, and smacking someone around to “was just having a bad day, you know”, and then escalate a thrown bottle to property damage to destruction of livelihood to denying the American dreams and then I can sort of almost balance murder as a justifiable response for littering.
 I was of the era where they believed that you needed to CRACK DOWN HARD on spitting gum on the sidewalk in order to prevent gang violence.It was wrong and ridiculous but it was popular.
SET with four items:
[police brutality, racism, rioting, looting]
Members of SET are all morally incorrect actions.
This is how I read what you said. Is this incorrect of me?
  – I rewatched this: from 4 years ago. about an hour ago.
It opened my eyes up to something I *thought* I understood but didn’t. Up to that point, I thought of Kaepernick’s protest as a kind of free speech and supported it on those grounds.But I missed the whole point. This passionate speech by Shannon Sharpe woke me up.
 NY POST. It left Missisippi didn’t it? What’s your complaint?
 Man falsely accused of forging $20 bill ends up dead minutes later is a national story more than police office put on leave after excess force results in man still living.
 It was doomed the moment they tied it to Rodney King. From where I grew up, the Newark Riots from the late 1960s STILL got talked about by my elders in the 1980s/90s.Major difference now is: Cameras-as-defense. The more the better. Not a perfect witness but still better than “he said /she said”.

As far as Ben Franklin and passion? I don’t have my own opinion on the Minn. riots and Ben Franklin passion per se. I can only borrow Shannon Sharpe’s view from 2016 and say, “jives with my way of thinking”.

Fair enough. I’ll just sit my suburban raised white ass down on this one — which is why I don’t have my own opinion on this in specific.
 That will be the wrong response. When I saw the Minn. gov’s talk earlier, I knew what was coming but I was hoping it’d be different.

I hate seeing people in power consistently take the wrong steps when the correct steps are just as easy.

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