“No matter how much you keep digging, there’s more sand…”

In this talk about Disney, one mentioned Disney amusement

It reflects something I have been thinking about a lot
recently: A friend of mine likes amusement parks.  I like
them too, to some degree - the challenge of the video games,
pinball (I love playing pinball), the 'safe' fear when
riding a roller-coaster or other ride...

...and yet, while walking through an amusement park, the
thought keeps popping in my head, "Distractions.  All
distractions.  Bright, sparkling lights, noises to grab
attention, vendors and stands with workers enticing us to
"win such-and-such"...

And less and less are the thrills of the amusement parks
enticing me... more and more I find myself wandering over to
the beach, sitting in the sand, digging holes, looking at
the sky and the ocean, wondering about this marvelous
creation...  one day, I was at the beach, digging, making
little hills and valleys and was starkly amazed, "No matter
how much you keep digging, there's more sand..." and my
thoughts turned to the nature of infinity, the tiny size of
my body in comparison to the size of the stars, the planets,
the vast and immeasurable spaces inbetween... the
immeasurable distance between atoms in a molecule... the
infinite nature of the soul and intellect...

...and that, no matter how much I dig and dig for deeper,
rightly-worshipping beliefs, practices, truths, theology,
prayer... that there is always more...

Walking back towards the pretty artificial lights, the games
and amusements... I felt very sad, as there is more
contained in just a few handfuls of sand than in all the
amusements of the world added together...

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