No hard feelings towards those groups ’cause they never did me any wrong.

Not even typical American. It’s a certain limited group of American fundamentalist Christians. Usually Southern Baptist or somehow related to that particular movement, or the churches that aren’t churches at all really, just “hey I’m a guy who called myself a pastor”. Those aren’t churches. They’re mini-cults.

To me a church is organized. Outside of the Southern Baptist denomination and the “stick a nail on a sign and call myself a church for tax purposes” , I don’t know who else would take this stuff literally.

I was raised Methodist. Not literal at all. Experimented with Unitarian, Quaker, Roman Catholic – even settled with Eastern Orthodox for 5 years and spent some time in a monastery.

After a bit of fun with that stuff, I left it. All fond memories. Agnostic for a long time now. No hard feelings towards those groups ’cause they never did me any wrong.

The loudmouths on TV give off the IMPRESSION that they’re big and important, but they’re not. NORMAL churches are not literalist. A TV Evangelist is _not normal_.

I give exception to Southern Baptist because they ARE pretty literal.

THe Bible literalists don’t know crap about theology either. Even basic theology they get totally wrong.

Then again, when Hawking tried to prove God-need-not-exist, he only showed me he never took a basic theology class either.

The stuff that gets railed against isn’t the stuff regular historically founded splintered denominations typically believe anyway.

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