No 911, electrolytes-in-a-bottle, and water supply is crap.

Yeah, it’s not an ideal choice. She’s not in 1st world – and it turned out she’s in a dry (no alcohol) area anyway but there was the chance that beer might’ve been one of the few choices. I know she’s mentioned water shortage before: some of her neighbors are very wasteful with water and she complains about them sometimes. I don’t know what country she’s in though. I *think* its in a not-very well off part of India [not metropolitan] but I’m not sure. I don’t pry either; I just like her comments such as, “If you were in my country, you’d be guru”. Gotta like stuff like that.

You’re both right of course. This person isn’t first world though. No 911, electrolytes-in-a-bottle, and water supply is crap. I know in some areas of the world, alcohol is a safer drink than water because it’s purified unlike local water supplies and with companies like Nestle coming in, sucking up local water to sell it as “spring water” to nearby countries in a lot of areas, sometimes choices are limited. We’re extremely lucky here.

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