wuh oh, i’m diving in. I’ve been constructing my own Ontology for a long time, not realizing that I was doing so until a few weeks ago until I saw myself write that I was doing so, and what field of theory best captures Ontology?

Category Theory. Ontology (in a comp-sci meaning) is formations of categories and category theory can help build ontologies by drawing parallels.

I wasn’t ready before. I danced around Category Theory for a long long time, dipping in, liking it, running away because it was just too good for how I saw things.

[I run away and come back to Knot Theory for similar reasons but moreso for Category Theory]

It’s of a second-order, that Category Theory, and all higher orders than 2nd *can* be described in 2nd order, unlike first order logic, which can’t capture the breadth of 2nd order no matter how much it wants to.


So, I think I’m giving in to that chocolate bar. To nLab I go, buzzing away since 2008, filling up with fascinating things, biased as biased can be in the world of competing modelings.

I might not come up for air for a bit. I might. But I gotta do it. Avoided for too long.

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