Nine months ago, in researc

Nine months ago, in researching the nature of, well, everything, I wondered about what it means to take something ”Out of Context”.

So, being a data-nut that I am, I decided to take the entire English language, which was built from the shared social consciousness of billions of people over thousands of years of existence – English, because it’s one I know well – and take advantage of the ”cross linking” that already exists in a Thesaurus and link EVERY WORD to every other word that it is linked to, until all of the words were covered.

I found the largest public domain Thesaurus, Moby Thesaurus, used extensively by Linguists because of its largeness, thoroughness, availability and ”mostly machine ready” (It was a tad messy) – and spent a week carefully linking it all to itself, to see what patterns emerged.

What I ended up with is 5 dimensions or levels that is perhaps the first dictionary that defines itself. If you know one word, then you understand, at some level, in some context, what all the other words may mean.

They are not interchangable in the way that nouns are interchangable, or verbs: There are no ”parts of speech”.

Rather, I built this on my own notion that language is built in upwardly expanding spirals from the time we are born, with greater and great precision and additional words born out of a much smaller set of words, giving us the richness and complexity of the language we use.

I have used it to understand some complicated things in a different light than people normally see things, which has opened my eyes to possible connections between ideas that otherwise would be invisible.

This is something ”New”. I looked to see if anybody had done this before. Nobody has. So I did.

After using it for nine months, I decided to get it ”out there” and put it up for sale on the easiest to publish on platform, Amazon. Is the cover nice? Did I set the price correctly? Is the book formatted exactly as I want it?

No. It is a first edition, my first time ‘out there’. I will revise all of these things, including the title, when I can.

But at least it is ”out there”. It is a start. I believe you can get ”to” anywhere ”from” anywhere, even if the anywhere you end up at is different than you initially assumed.

There is a book, put together by Kenneth Udut, on that page that is for sale. It’s almost 3000 pages long; and there is a lot about it that I want to change.

But it seemed unfair to sit on this forever until I was ready to ”do it right”.

Sometimes we waste so much time ”doing it right” that we don’t do anything at all.

And we all have to start somewhere.

It’s just one of many ideas I’ve worked on and after a year of being a virtual hermit in many ways, it was time to say, ”Yoohoo, i’m over here” in some fashion. This is my awkward first steps.

Ken, who doesn’t expect to sell a single copy in its current form but figured, ”it can’t hurt to try”. And heck, I’m on Amazon #yay#!

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