#NikolaTesla Here’s what he really wrote. In a single text file. All of it. In one place. If it’s not here, he didn’t write it. People like to add legitimacy to their ideas by putting them in dead people’s mouths like #Einstein or #Tesla . And they may be nice things. Inspirational things. But still lies. The dead can’t fight back. It’s not fair. It’s a text file. Download it. It’s yours. I did an OCR of a collection of *all of his papers* in one place. Not the autobiographies. They’re ghostwritten – they’re not his words. Not the commentaries – they’re not his words. *these* are _his words_.

Nikola Tesla : Everything he *actually* wrote all in one text file. Not the autobiographies. Not… via http://ift.tt/1hAA7DW

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