Nikola Tesla : Everything he *actually* wrote, all in one text file. Not the autobiographies. Not the commentaries.

I don’t like when famous dead people are quoted saying things they’ve never said.  Who questions it?  Few it seems.  I have a rule of thumb: If a quote is on a meme, it’s probably not true.  If the quote is from a famous person who is dead it’s especially not true.  If the words seem too perfect, too modern, too “now”, it’s not true.   So, what do I do?

I try to prove it’s true.  If I *can’t* prove that they said it, then they probably didn’t say it.

Here is tesla-2.txt   I rasterized a “Tesla Said…” which contains every document Tesla ever published FROM HIMSELF.  IN HIS OWN WORDS.  Not his various autobiographies, one in the late 1800s, another in 1919, and I don’t know HOW MANY MORE through the decades since.  Sure, it says autobiography.  Sure, it has Tesla’s name on it.  BUT HE DIDN’T WRITE THEM.  He may have _approved_ the ones written while he was alive… BUT THEY’RE NOT HIS WORDS.

So, these are his words, as best as my OCR could manage it.  If it’s not here, he _probably_ didn’t say it, no matter _how_ wonderful it sounds.  No matter if someone claims *THE SECRET PAPERS OF NIKOLA TESLA*.  Bull.  Just bull.  Here’s what he wrote, and here’s what he said.  He was a man, not a God.  Smart guy but the worship really is a bit much.  Really.  Admire?  Sure.  Misunderstood genius?  Perhaps.  But please, stop putting words in a dead man’s mouth: HE CAN’T ARGUE BACK.  It’s not fair.  Really, it’s not.  -Kenneth Udut 


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