Nihilism? To me, absurdism is the ultimate start and end of such things.

Nihilism?  To me, absurdism is the ultimate start and end of such things. I see nihilism as a stepping stone to absurdism. Absurdism allows you to care and not care at the same time. “All is nothing” which makes the particular ironically immensely important. Full of inconsistencies, to laugh at the seriousness is granting seriousness the ultimate respect, sans the gameplaying of sober rule following, where the rules dominate… but in absurdism, the situation is the situation, rules be damned and created anew as need be.

Absurdism beats logic. All Holy Logic, that has been utilized to refute all nature of things is shredded to bits by Absurdism. There’s no room for absurdism in Logic, which makes Logic… incomplete. But there’s room for logic in absurdism: how ridiculous is it that so many things seem to follow logic well, when so many things also do not? Amazingly practical and functional: Look at your computer. For all of the marvelous engineering and precision involved, how is it that no two computers can ever be identical? State machines that start at different times, have different memory configurations at any given moment: it’s a marvel they work at all! And we shouldn’t be surprised at the random errors that occasionally come up. Yet humans get annoyed: They believe the consistency of manufacture means consistency of operation… yet it’s only through operational tolerances that the illusion of consistency between computers continues.

We learn the exact opposite of truths on a regular basis and can spend our whole lives seeing things entirely the wrong way: and we never notice it.. and it never bothers us… and the world is perfectly fine that way. Amazing and absurd.


-Kenneth Udut, 7/10/16



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