Nietzche is Alan Watts.

Yeah, it seems that Dostoyevsky was filtered through Nietzche’s thinking – and Nietzche’s contrariness to the then current German ways found amble intellectual Russian food in Dostoyevsky, akin to Alan Watts with regards to Zen Buddhism to the USA.

Dostoyevsky’s ethos : Nietzche :: Zen Buddhism : Alan Watts
Russian ethos-as-seen-by-Nietzche : Germany :: Far Eastern ethos-as-seen-by-Alan Watts : USA.

Or, more simply:
Nietzche is Alan Watts.

This would explain both of their respective fanbases, which are huge.

Interestingly, both of them simplified and sanitized the respective ethoses (ethosi’? I dunno plural here) – removing the larger respective spirit and REPLACED IT with a very individualistic variation of the concepts.

In short, they each killed one spirit (larger-than-self) and replaced it with (self) – each turning Religion into Personal Psychology. [and calling it Philosophy].

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