ng yourself” *is* a barrie…”

Wow! Thanks Chrissy! You get an A++ – that was amazing. I, too, believe in giving 110% when you can. It does make people say, through the years, “Oh, that’s just Kenny.” or “Yeah, he beats to a different drummer” “He’s off in left field”. And I take such things as a badge of honor. I’ve never been called a “weirdo” (thankfully!!) but I’ve been called weird, “different”, “they broke the mold w…hen they made you.” – and I love it. I was told as a kid, “Be yourself.” and I believed it and I still do. There will always be idle talk about those who remain true to themselves and that’s fine. Let ‘em judge for if they can’t see into the heart of a person and only see the surface, then their shallowness can’t be helped. It can be a lonely road to be true, honest, accepting of others’ highlights and flaws – and perhaps “being yourself” *is* a barrie… “

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