ng into overload on that one.

That’s it! That’s what I was researching Nik! I was researching the health benefits of blueberries and seeing what else had those same properties. Then I came across an article about a new color they discovered in Port Wine that was a long lasting flourescent Ultramarine Blue and gave the number it absorbed. I searched in vain to find out “how do you find the color that absorbs another color?” …- until I went into my paint program, plugged in the “coor it absorbs” and then inverted it – and it was the Ultramarine blue I was looking for. Quite exciting to me, actually. It makes me wonder: Would this color, that is naturally anti-oxidive – would clothing of this color be naturally UV protective? or would they get hotter? But that’s my questioning/curious scientific mind going into overload on that one. “

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