neverending story loved it

I loved it. Seen it a bunch of times through the years. Yet, Dark Crystal? Didn’t like it even though they’re categorically similar. Everybody’s got their tastes.
Just got back from nostalgia trip. Discovered, the Ivory Tower theme was never officially released. Rips people made on Youtube sounded muffled, so I tracked down an online UV HD of the movie I could watch free. Got to the scene. Trumpets still sounded muffled. Dang it! My memory had the trumpets as much brighter. Still, no matter. Also went through a couple of fan trailers. Fun to watch re-imagined trailers of classic movies.

One thing that’s really impressive? The HD version *really* is HD. There’s details that I never saw before and the colors are amazing. Hard to believe a 30 year old movie’s special effects held up, but they did and then some.


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