neverending story in hi-def? have to see it one of these days.

It’s a fantastic story and I’m jealous you have it in hi-def tongue emoticon
I understand why you slept through it both times though:

The first time perhaps you were too little.
And now perhaps you’re just too old.

I don’t know the magic range but I’ll probably enjoy watches of this film ’til I’m dead, although I expect by then to be riding a Falcor of my own.

The fantasy didn’t speak to you – perhaps you were lulled asleep by the Nothing. But it’s ok: I never finished Lord of the Rings (book or movie) and a dozen other “must sees/must reads”.

The one that shocks people the most is that movie with the big sand worm. “How can you not watch/read, [the movie / book / tv show about Spice and the sand penii]….

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