Never thought of middle school as a ‘concept’ with origin. Will research.

Thank you James. I never knew the distinction between “junior high” and “middle school”, nor where middle school came from.

I didn’t even know it was a *concept* that someone thought out, and people carried out to do.

I agree with what was said about it in the article. You’ve spawned a research project for me – thank you!



Thank you for providing an article about the “middle school” movement and why it’s important. I never thought about it as it was always just ‘there’. I knew not every country does it, but in going through the list of countries, there’s an AMAZING amount of variety in how things are done in each nation’s public schools.

Australia just recently started experimenting with the idea but it’s new there and not yet common.

But in the USA, as far as I know, middle school has been around for… well, a very long time.

Learning now:


Education has been a subject of fascination for me since I was in 5th grade and started to really see what was “Wrong With School”. The more I looked and went through, the more I saw wrong and started thinking about how it should be better.

Currently browsing through: Russell, Jan Ware. “Characteristics of Contemporary US Progressive Middle Schools.” (2013).


It is very difficult to write an unbiased account of the history of U. S. Education.  Many of the scholars (Cohen, 1976; Tyack, 1974; Tyack & Cuban, 1995) that research and write about the history of education articulate the near impossibility of recording or researching history  without inserting a trace of persuasion or a hint of nostalgia in the process (Cohen, 1976; Kliebard, 1995). ”


The bell curve is probably the worst thing they ever did to schools. If you fall anywhere outside of tolerance limits, there’s no room for you. Worse, I don’t think anybody actually FITS in the hump of the bell curve itself: they just ‘deal with it’ better but it’s still not ‘them’.



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