Never had the patience to ‘get’ the Blender UI.

Never had the patience to ‘get’ the Blender UI.  I used to get involved in UI flame wars on Usability and computer-human interaction forums years ago and when I see Blender’s mess (even their updated UI, which is definitely an improvement to earlier versions), i start thinking of ALL THE WAYS they could improve the UI, start reorganizing it in my brain, and then get angry that such a powerful and useful program has it’s own special UI, which would be fine if …

…ok, I’m starting a rant 😛   Anyway, that always ends up being a distraction from me learning Blender.  It’s stupid really.  But I get the reaction when I see stupid UI mistakes or tricks or games online too…

ok, I’m going to settle down now 😛 Im ok, Im ok I’m ok 😛

You learned it.  It’s learnable and there’s probably some great benefits to the layout.  It strikes me as a primarily “key-stroke” interface, so once you learn the keystrokes, you’d good to go.  I guess I just don’t ‘feel like it’ and all this rant is just a coverup for my own laziness 🙂

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