network map of cognitive function of the human brain – brede converted into this all in one by me :)

I’m going to make this fit into something readable… I swear.  This is the functions of the human brain via the marvelous work done with brede.  I love the work they did; they have 3D VRML of where in the actual brains of many people these functions are likely found, but since I’m not going to be sticking pins in anybody’s brain, I just wanted to know a decent official functional layout of brain functions.  Not easy to find.  I wanted to see it all in one place, all at once.  Not easy to find.  So, I had to make it myself.

Still too big but I’m working on it.  Learning Tulip was a breeze compared to getting XML into something that Icould use, ’cause I hate working with XML. [sorry xml lovers].

[and actually, Tulip IS a breeze.  yEd didn’t make any sense to me until I had something decent to feed it (ie -this monster).  Most of the large scale graphs I can do are trees and circles and organic looking things.  But honestly, I just wanted to be able to -read the labels.  and the paths.  So I’ll keep trying different ways ’til I get one that has a chance of being zoomable here on G+.


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