Nesting Dolls

I was always under the impression that the nesting dolls
were to show the progression of a girl to womanhood or from
a boy to manhood.  Recently a friend came back from a trip
to St Petersburg and was showing me one that she purchased
(she bought me a fur hat - it is *so* warm - I never cared
for fur before, but now - you'd have to pry it off of my
warm, dead head :) )) -- anyhow - I was looking at it, and
thoughts of St Paul's writing about perfection unto
perfection came into my head - akin to the way a little
sapling is fully a tree, and an ancient tree is fully a tree
- both are perfectly trees, yet the ancient tree is more -
not more perfect though, just 'more tree'.  At the same
time, it doesn't make the sapling any less of a tree.

[It's one of those things I can never explain properly - I'd
be an awful teacher :) ]


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