Nerd/Geek + Aww-Gee-Shucks-Little-ol’-Me-did-that? = me :)

Oh and a PS – I’m not a role model – I just am what I am.  I’m a disturbingly honest person – at least disturbing to some people.  I lie sometimes, usually for humor but thankfully I’ve got a deep heart and not a sociopath, which is what would happen if I really didn’t care what other people think.  I do care – sometimes too deeply – which is why I’ve developed so many survival techniques  / coping skills.

I’ve had good jobs too that made good money.  That requires an honest resume (honest with times/date, and FULL of hyperbole/spin for skills and abilities – listing everything and making each sound really important), as well as having a emotionally transparent yet self-confident-almost-to-the-point-of-boasting-without-boasting enthusiastic honesty .  It’s a hard mix to describe properly but what I’ve seen of your personality on here, I think you understand what I mean really well ’cause I think we’re the same type.

Nerd/Geek + Aww-Gee-Shucks-Little-ol’-Me-did-that? = me :)

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