neither hero nor villain yet both as well

It’s something worth pausing and thinking about, definitely.  It’s a strange thing; to neither be the hero nor the villain but something other.  Not everyday, yet not supreme.  Are you the freedom fighter or the terrorist?  It’s all about who tells the story and why.  Yeah… I have that thought myself: “You are not a hero”.  It’s why, as much as I might dream of it, I don’t consider myself a Role Model.  I love myself as a survival mechanism against my own worst side: The Inner Critic, who never completely shuts up.  But I don’t let it take over.  At the same time, I’m just a guy, doing whatever it is that I do, neither a selfless martyr nor a narcissistic driven villain nor a freedom fighter for a higher cause.

Well, a little bit of the last one.  Actually a lot of it.  Not to be a role model but to help others untangle their own knots. The UnTie-er.  eh.  The Unraveller.  Nah.  The “Whattaya got to lose? Go ahead and try it but use all of your smarts”guy?  Hm. yeah; that’s closer.  That makes me hero and villain in one I suppose.

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