nces of flavor between the…

Funny experiment I tried about six months ago: I got one of every pepper in my supermarket – jalapenio, serrano, thai chilli, “long pepper” and two others – I forget, oh habanero.. well, anyway: I got tiny little Mason jars – 4 Oz – and with each, I did this: 1) ground up in my Ninja Kitchen thing – the old style not the blender style 2) strained out the juice through a cheese cloth and 3) put the…m in the jars with some apple cider vinegar. I know the apple cider would sweeten it up but that’s what I wanted. Then I let them sit in my fridge for a few weeks. When I was done, I was able to test differnt hotsauces. I didn’t follow any recipes, just intuition and it was fun noticing the nuances of flavor between the… “

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