Navigational Database – been looking for that.

Perhaps not exciting to anybody else here but I’ve been looking for this ‘type’ of thing.  I knew it had to exist but didn’t know what it was called, where I’d find it, etc.  I’ve been playing around with ideas in this area ever since the days of text adventures [go north, south, east, west] – where it’s all about “how to get there”.

Similar to the GOTO statement, it’s been “out of favor” for a very long time now, as everything was about IMPOSED STRUCTURE UPON data.  Even today, things like NoSQL databases are frowned upon by traditional DB folks.

But I’ve never liked traditional DB stuff.  I’ve always been an Excel guy, neither a text editor nor a database nor a calculator.

In Excel, you do a lot of navigation and from the right perspective, you can see everything.  I like that.  I don’t like hidden things.

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