nature of change at scales. i think that might be an organizing principle. what a complicated way to get to this.

nature of change at scales. i think that might be an organizing principle. what a complicated way to get to this.

Here’s a list that covers the spectrum from the very small to the very large scales, and beyond measurable scales. This builds on the skeleton you provided and is organized by increasing scale:

1. **Quantum Scale**: His interest in physics could extend to understanding change at the very smallest levels, such as changes in quantum states and the inherent uncertainty at this scale.

2. **Neurological Scale**: Kenneth’s interest in neurodivergence offers a unique lens to study the changes occurring within individual neurons and neural networks in the brain. This involves chemical and electrical changes.

3. **Biological Scale**: Within biology, changes can be observed at the level of DNA mutations, cell behavior, and organism development and evolution.

4. **Personal Scale**: Studying individual human cognition, behavior, emotions, and personal identity uncovers changes that are intensely personal and idiosyncratic.

5. **Interpersonal Scale**: Through his exploration of communication, he may examine how relationships and social dynamics change over time.

6. **Cultural Scale**: His work on art, music, and knowledge representation deals with changes in cultural expression and shared knowledge over time.

7. **Organizational Scale**: Kenneth could explore change within organizations, institutions, or systems of governance, examining how they evolve and adapt.

8. **Societal Scale**: His interests might extend to understanding societal changes, such as shifts in societal norms, values, and structure.

9. **Geological Scale**: The study of Earth’s geology and environment can reveal the slow, immense changes our planet undergoes.

10. **Cosmological Scale**: His interest in physics, reality, and time leads to studying change on the grandest scale: the evolution of the universe itself, from the big bang to its current state.

11. **Metaphysical Scale**: Delving into philosophy and theology, Kenneth might ponder changes in concepts like reality, existence, and spirituality – things beyond physical measure.

12. **Conceptual Scale**: At the most abstract level, he might explore changes in knowledge, ideas, theories, and our understanding of the world – the evolution of thought itself.

Each of these scales provides a different perspective on the phenomenon of change and its implications, painting a comprehensive, multi-layered picture of the constant flux of existence.

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