NASA needs to be more entertaining to compete. Hire Michael Bay. Let me illustrate with my TARDIS.

Here’s an example. I made this graphic to illustrate my escape plan from Earth. As a Timelord who has misplaced his TARDIS across the street and misplaced the key… and she’s NOT listening to me because I called her a name… *and* the chameleon circuit works…

… I built this house 13 years ago in this location so I could find her. Now I have 700 years to stop this event from occurring but to dramatize the future event properly, I hired Michael Bay, who unfortunately doesn’t understand basic physics, especially with regards to flames and such… but it’s a forgivable mistake as this has successfully convinced the people of this planet to begin changing their ways so that this possible future can be potentially avoided.

So, just so you know, this isn’t an historical hologram from 700 years from now.

In more straightforward terms, entertainment is more entertaining. NASA needs to add some entertainment, as the “It’s for Pure Science” angle has few spokespeople, mostly Tyson these days and while he’s doing *ok* at inspiring people, he’s no Carl Sagan, but at least he’s trying.tardis-escape-plan


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