Naples business owners: if you get

^Naples business owners: if you get a call from 239-249-3094, do not call them back. It is Yodle, an online advertiser who is very aggressive with their sales techniques. i don't do pushy. I asked him to put me in the tickler file – call me in september maybe – nope, had to be right away. Didn't know the area – local phone number must have been forwarded. *ugh* – and he misrepresented himself as "yodle exterminators" – no, that's bad sales. even if the prices were good, even if the advertising was effective – I still wouldn't do go with any company that uses misleading "foot in the door" techniques. 'Oh, I didn't even find you in the search results' – oh, bull. Grr. If he didn't find me in the search results, HOW DID HE FIND OUR NUMBER IN THE FIRST PLACE? Duh. Oh well, i made HIM frustrated enough to hang up on ME, after 15 minutes of trying to corner me. He won't be bothering to call back.^

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