n an overly long post xD b…

That’s about my sleep time. 6.5 hrs. Sometimes broken up into pieces, 4 hrs here 2 there, two 15 minute “lay down for a few minutes”. Sleep quality depends on temperature, food/drink in body, thoughts thinking, average relative humidity. Never did the math, although I know some of the factors involved. And yes, details are great – they turn something from being mushy and same-ish into something …tangible – and numbers are tangible things. well, I’m glad your mom wasn’t sleepy that night. I have a friend – he calls it “SappyKen” – that’s when I get all mushy and gushy and stuff and I start naming specifically all of the things that is awesome about somebody. Sort of like what drunk people do, without the drunk. So I’ll stop before I do that ’cause I’m smiling a mile wide. I thought you might not notice if I hid it in an overly long post xD b… “

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