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The option to allow certain people to bypass the process is a good option for Facebook to have. If you implemented it, I wouldn’t expect be on it and it doesn’t matter if I am, because I didn’t mind the waiting last time. Some of my posts went through, some didn’t and that was fine.

But it *may* be a compromise for the “timing” issue. It can keep fresh conversations started as admins may be sleeping or in a hot air balloon away from 3G without compromising the post approval process for others.

It would be kind of a “pre-approved” process, skipping the approval step for some posters. I hope you go with it as I like when there are new questions happening. If you do, I vote in James Ragsdale for a preapproved poster: some of his questions drive me BONKERS and I love that. [I like a good battle of wits]

Also, consider post scheduling if that option is available. I *believe* there’s an option for that. If there is, you could theoretically queue up some good philosophical questions and have them come out at preassigned times.

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