Mystical Oneness, and Flow. We all know it.


  • But, it’s knowledge via experience. The categorization distinction disappears in awareness. There’s just… “one”. That’s all there is.

    An analogous concept is that of “Flow”. – there’s no distinction between the doer, the doing and the done.

    In positive psychology, flow, also known as zone, is the…
  • Kenneth Udut The reason why people have mystical experience of connectedness is easy:

    They do.

    Take it out of the mystical context, and you see the phenomenon everywhere you go. You’ve probably experienced it yourself. There’s not even a “Wow, this is amazing!” feeling.

    You’re just…. ‘in it’.

    It’s only once you’re out of it that you can see it from a distinct categorization perspective again that even lets you go “Wow, this is awesome”. There’s no “this” to be awesome about at that moment.


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