my universal comment to system got more flak – sorry chris

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   Date: 08-04-92 11:55
   From: Chris S,l,o,y,a,n
     To: Kenneth Udut
Subject: Comment
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       I am leaving this private so as not to embarrass anyone. Your writing
was very insulting and I think you see how upset you have gotten more than a
few people. No, you have not been a sysops long enough to write something like
that, and even as a user you sound very very ungrateful at best. My suggestion
to you is to get it off as many boards as possible and then just drop it.
Let's face it, it was a stupid idea and you are just gonna dig yourslef deeper
witht hte sysops in this area. Please take my advice, I know from our sysops
group that everyone likes you and thinks you are a good user. DO NOT f___ it
up for yourself anymore.


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