my universal comment to sysop got some flak…

*--* 04-07-92 - 13:48:09 *--*
Date: 04-07-92 (08:07) Number: 14347 of 14350 1:48:15p
 To: KENNETH UDUT Refer#: 14334
From: VINCE RIFICI Read: 04-07-92 (13:48) HAS REPLIES
Conf: MAIN BOARD (0) Read Type: MAIL FOR YOU (+)
Ken, I really find your "comments to sysop" offensive, expecially since
you made it public. You, of all people, are trying to tell other sysops
how to run a bbs when you don't or can't run one yourself. Matt has
about the best running board in this area, and doesn't need to be
lectured on the best way to run it.
I don't understand what the purpose of you message is except to alienate
the sysops of the boards you leave this "stuff" on....
Vince Rifici
(33 min left), (H)elp, End of Message Command?

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