My trip to Maximiliaan’s – Bosendorfer Imperial Grand!

Today (Saturday, April 23, 1994), Tim Fugmann (head of Union Records and
also my best friend :-) ) and I traveled to Maximiliaan’s Grand Piano
House at 200 Lexington Avenue, 12th floor, New York City, New York USA
(1-800-PIANO-07 or 1-212-689-2177).

I finally found my dream piano – the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand.  While
many people have talked about the Imperial Grand here on this newsgroup
and elsewhere, seeing one for your very eyes and playing it as well is a
completely different story!

As many of you know, the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand (B.I.G. ! ) has 97
keys instead of the standard 88.  It is a HUGE piano!  9’6″ long, as wide
as a truck, with sound that could fill up the largest concert hall
without amplification!

The piano that I played was a registered artist’s piano, so it is
constantly traveling everywhere, and has been a little beat up, but the
sound is amazing!

The piano house has all sorts of pianos, mostly older decorative pianos
such as Steinways, Erard’s, Bechsteins, Bluthner’s and older
Bosendorfers.  As the exclusive representative for Bosendorfer pianos in
New York, he also has an extensive collection of Bosendorfer’s.

All I can say is – if you are traveling anywhere near New York, stop into
Maximiliaan’s and try out the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand.  It is a
spiritual experience, to say the least!

We also found the piano we would like to purchase for Union Records.  It
is a Grotrian 7’4″ Concert scale.  The Grotrian packs an amazing amount
of sound in its smaller brother, the 5’5″, and the 7’4″ was simply
amazing!  It plays as smoothly as a Bechstein, with an incredible ability
for showing off one’s dynamic range (a la “virtuoso”ing it up).

The owner, Maximiliaan Rutten, who is all of 25 years of age or so,
really knows what he’s talking about, and truly loves the Bosendorfer and
the other pianos that he sells.  Give him a call sometime or stop in –
you’ll find it a very pleasent experience!

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