My translation of IDGAF is what you see. idc if the planet blows itself up.

My translation of IDGAF is what you see. idc if the planet blows itself up. My middle fingers to the world are to everybody, especially to myself and my tendency to take everything so dreadfully seriously. So, absurdism. I spout an opinion: Do I REALLY care? Well, somewhat, but ultimately, it’s just yap. If someone was to take me seriously for too long, I’ll spoil the milk somehow.


I know. But there’s group conformity of a sort. So, I adapt, change, conform somewhat. The good thing about a group of misanthropes is it takes a lot less work. But then, I get contrary. “Oh no, I’m fitting in. Fuck”. It’s instinctual. Avoiding. “Makes human connection through shared [x] –> says/does something to get them to reject”. Then I’m ok. Status quo returns. Lack of trust of humanity overall. Any ideology I want to grab hold of has fucked up parts and once I’m part of a subulture, my individuality goes to shit. Or maybe it doesn’t. I don’t know how to function ‘withn’ groups outside of how I do. One foot in, one foot out.


I prefer strangers over people I know unless it’s online because then I only know what they show me.

With RL strangers I can choose to interact or not and how I want to.

With people that know me, there’s assloads of expectations heaped upon every exchange. Stressful.


Be weird with everybody. Fuck ’em. The people that ‘get you’, get you. The people that don’t, well, they’re just missing out.



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