My thoughts on Free Will: I operate from a “Given that” basis.

My thoughts on Free Will: I operate from a “Given that” basis.
Given that there is a Universe to exist in.
Given that the supernovae exploded and shoved through the giant molecular gas cloud and coalesced through electrostatics and gravity to form the elements in us and our solar system.
Given that life emerged upon this planet – and it’s all over the place.
Given that our species evolved to how it did.
Given that your parents weren’t sleepy that night.
Given that you survived being in a womb (I was born at 6.5 months so I’m grateful)
Given that you are in a period of history where the majority of children under 5 do not die as they did previously.
Given that you had access to many different perspectives growing up from which to shape your own.
You have one hell of a big playing field in the imagination within which to function.

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