my review of a book

: world is at a crisis point thanks mostly to the crap we did.
Apocalypse is coming and it’s all our fault.
We have to make changes now to reverse the damages unless it’s already too late.
But it’s not too late, because this book will help you.
If you follow what I’m saying in this book and STOP doing the things that lead to a collapse of a civilization, your civilization will succeed.
I think it’s something like that. I’m not trying to minimize it – I’m just being quick because I keep getting interrupted today [1/2 hr ago I had to try to clear a clog out of our septic system… unsuccessfully… and then 15 mins ago help clean up for a party here. ugh. I never get the full satisfaction of studying smile emoticon ]

But [to add to my short review of “Collapse”] the blame is environmental in origin and not in the politics or economies of nations and people. It is not due to war or lowering of morality all of the traditional reasons given for the collapse of civilizations.

The lens is purely environmental for cause and effect. Systems affect other systems and it is our abuse of the systems that result in the problems because we have fewer resources and the lack creates a need that can’t be filled and and the ensuing scramble to continue fulfilling the greater and greater needs of a growing population when resources haven’t had time to replenish leads to its eventual collapse.

In short, overuse. Overpopulation. Stripmining. Things like that. No recovery time.

I think that seems to be the message I’m getting from my quick overview.

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