my reddit post about Out of Context – cross linked thesaurus

Yup (its a mess tho’) – the relationships between the words were formed when all of the words were crosslinked together. There’s a deeper sense behind the words which links them together. Perhaps the first might be wholeness, the second would be opposites, the third conmingling or confusion, the fourth skipping or precision and the fifth kind of a blushing barely there connection to things.

I just put it out there as it was sitting on my hard drive. It’s not something I expect to be useful to anybody but there’s areason why these words are linked together. I just started with one word (I picked word – it was easiest) – put all of the words that Word was linked to, then all the words that linked to those words that weren’t in the first set, etc and continued until the thesaurus I used was exhausted and there was no words left.

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