My pretty privilege is 67%.

My pretty privilege is 67%. I’m also 6′ tall, muscular build and wear glasses. I have nerd privilege. Also, every store I go into, people assume I work there. Always. My manner screams “LOOK! THIS GUY IS A NICE GUY! SAFE WITH ANIMALS AND KIDS AND WON’T HIT ON YOUR WIFE”.

So, I project “castrated male” well and I’m ok with that.

gotta love yourself first and shit. Ridiculous not to.

100% agreed. Looks go away fast and people who try to hang onto their looks past the age of 30 start looking weird… unless they learn to develop character in their look. Then they’re alright.

Sometimes I also look like a p about to abduct random children and I’m also fine with that. Can’t help people’s hangups.

“So what have you decided on for your Doctorate?”
“Yes, I’m working on my PhD in good look-ology. I used prettyscale for all my referen..”
“say no more.”


I do subculture studies online. Bronies for a bit. Furries for a bit. “internet philosophers” for a bit. then it was alt-right for like three years.. never expected to hear the name on the news tbh… and lately I took a break.

But there’s always some interesting internet subculture I look into.

Not a one. But I *did* get turned into a “stallion” once. Gave me a name, told me to use /] in chat so I played along. That’s what I remember.

That’s an awesome job in Blender. I’ve never had the patience to master Blender, just a few odd projects… my irritation with the UI gets in the way (even though I know you can customize it or just learn the hotkeys… it’s just on my ‘someday’ list)

I flipped through the video and I can see this is the kind of talk I’d enjoy. Heard something about bacteria untangling knots and I saw a few moments of his hypercube explanation. Definitely my kind of thing and I always pick up something new along the way. Thank you!



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