My perspective is valid and my existence is valid.

Good question.  I didn’t realize I was implying about easier not being valid though but I’ve never been very good at seeing the implications of my words, so it’s likely I did without realizing it :P

I have this take on it, that I fight with myself with on many occasions: My perspective is valid and my existence is valid.

For me to come to full acceptance of my ownvalidity, I’ve found, for myself, that accepting the perspective of others is a requirement.

In short, all perspectives are valid and all existences have merit.

Alas, that also includes the perspective that says “Ken, your perspective is invalid and your existence is invalid”.

The negation of my perspective or even obliteration isn’t so bad though.

It’s hardest when it’s in the “uncanny valley” as it were… where my validity and/or/both/neither/NA the validity of someone else has a diverse set of connects and disconnects.

Sorting it all out is a detangling Christmas-lights situation… whose electricity is passing through me to get there at full Power Grid levels :P

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