My opinion stands that you should not complain about the level of discussion if you are not participating in it.

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Ken:  Now that I have received your tantrum, I will become an even more
silent member of this.  Its clear that you only want some feedback and not
other types of feedback.  Sometime consider how Americans might be seen
outside their own country.  Maybe then, you will have some inkling about
where I am coming from.  I will watch and wait.  One last thought:  Why is
that no one has picked up the thoughts contained in the message from Gay
Maxwell about Family Group Conferences?  My studies suggest that this
change to the New Zealand law is one of the most significant legal changes
affecting children in the Western World.  No one has even said boo.
Instead, the airwaves are preoccupied with drinking age, oppression by
parents, etc.  All American stuff.  I see no need to qualify my statement
about innane chat.  Auchaye

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I’m sorry that I can’t dedicate more of the discussion towards what is
happening in New Zealand, but I can’t.  The only mention I have ever
heard of this is from Gay Maxwell.  The changes happening in NZ are,
beyond Gay’s mention of it, is foreign to me, and also to the American
(and, it seems, European) users of this list.  If you could contribute
some of your knowledge to this list, I would appreciate it.

It seems that you are complaining about the knowledge of the users that
are PARTICIPATING.  The discussion is centering around the United States
because the issues are common to those discussing.  The changes in NZ
are interesting, but before ANYONE can discuss anything, we have to
be informed.  So, you have every right to your opinions, but I also have
right to my own.  My opinion stands that you should not complain about
the level of discussion if you are not participating in it.

(and please DON’T interpret this to mean “well… you obviously don’t want
to hear my opinions because they disagree with yours” because that is just
whining.  Nobody likes a whiner)


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