My opinion: Mind-blindness and Empathizing/Systeming Theory are BULLSHIT! Sorry, Simon Baron-Cohen.

Going through different theories of autism (which has been a subject of interest since I first saw a video in middle school (early 1980s) about a boy spinning plates – I don’t remember the name of it), I found these two, coined by the same guy, Simon Baron-Cohen, Mindblindness in the mid 1980s, and Empathizing-Systemizing Theory, which he came up with more recently.

They’re both very popular theories; supposedly people who are “mind blind” can’t read the minds of other people and empathizing/Systemizing theory says that empathizers have more estrogen and are better caretakers and nurturers and systemizers have more testosterone and are better analyzers. Or in short, Super-Women=Super-caring and Super-Men=Engineers.

While they’re both very interesting concepts, and have each gotten very popular and used in various testing and diagnostic procedures, they BOTH strike me as total B.S.

Too simple. Too far-reaching. Too wrong. So wrong.

I analyze everything. I’m also very empathic. I also suck at interpreting some social cues yet excel at interpreting other social cues.

Am I a hermaphrodite? Maybe. But I truly doubt it. I love psychology but sometimes I see bunk and this pair of bunk makes me mad.

Yet maybe they’re right. I don’t know. But while the man is a superhero and champion of understanding Autism, I think he’s not completely right, and a bad theory by a prominent person in an authoritative position can have far-reaching consequences for millions of people, including affecting how people see them and how people see themselves and how people treat one another.

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