my note to someone who was philosophizing about suicide as a scientific experiment.

just wait here like the rest of us. You’ll get your turn too. Don’t be impatient – somewhere between now and then you might find an answer or two that works for you.

You don’t get off that lucky. No sir! And if you need to take
meds to control your impulse to be _this_ kind of curious, DO IT ’cause dang it, if I gotta be stuck here figuring all this stuff out, so do you.

You’re not alone. Thousands of years of humans have tried to figure it out, some the impatient way but most the slow way, like you’ve been doing, I’ve been doing, we’ve all been doing.

Maybe somebody came back to tell us. Maybe nobody has. Either way, that’s about the most selfish experiment ever because, you’re mostly likely NOT going to be able to come back and tell us, WHATEVER is or isn’t after death.

You’re strong. Stick with it. Look, here:
you made me real. We make you real. You’re real. Stay. Lots of other ways to study it. You’ll get your chance for personal experience and if you rush it you’ll miss out on other human experiences that you, me, and nobody knows about yet that you will have.

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