My note on: VoxCAD Tutorial: Design and Simulate Soft Robots

My note on:

VoxCAD Tutorial: Design and Simulate Soft Robots

I’d just discovered and similar work, as I’ve been studying various models of evolutionary computation and AI on and off for years… and these soft robots were intriguing. I love the model and how amazingly well it works! How excited I was to find your tutorial here! I’d had VoxCad sitting on my computer for a year or more, ,but all I ever did is was make a Minecraft model in it but otherwise it sat. Never understood the need for the Physics Toolbox portion. Now I have a good use for it and as I have a number of followers on Vine who are of school age (15,000 followers, probably 1/2 are school age), I already shared bit of info about this which sparked some curiousity. Even if one person downloads the software, follows your tutorial and starts making their own soft robots, I’ll have done something good. But selfishly, this is exactly what i wanted to mess around with as it fits a lot of my ideas about embodied cognition and the basic simplicity of things, which are complex in their interaction but simple conceptually, including us.

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