my minister as a kid, he was an innocent.

I was raised in a place where politicians, mafia, people who sold used cars, people who owned large businesses, or ran large churches were all the same kind of person.

they all seemed to know one another.

it’s probably because I’m from New Jersey USA where the Italian mafia families had a hand in almost everything.

But even if they weren’t involved, their style was imitated.

corruption is just how things were done.

my minister as a kid, he was an innocent.

he was in his 60s and was very sheltered in his life from worldly things.

he decided he would join politics to try to help.

he became a councilman in our little one square mile borough.

They were five members of the council, all names that were familiar to residents, all seemed like nice men doing good community things.

my minister served a single year as a councilman.

after it was over, he declared a number of times that there are evil that men do behind closed doors that he had no idea about.

his bubble had burst.

he never believed in evil. He preached the devil as a myth. I believe that people who acted good were good people.


he was a different man from that point afterwards. he still preached about being good people but he no longer believed that people were inherently innocent and that what you see is not always what you get

he’s lucky he got to be innocent for so long

I am lucky because I learned from him that not only do children lie to one another but adults do too

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