My “Listening Comprehension” always scored in the “guessing” range.

I can’t say for sure when it happened. I think it was that “number line” overwhelmed my notion of an artists line. Number line is always shown as horizontal. So, lines are flat things with left and right sides and a middle, a start and a stop usually but they can also go off the page.

My “Listening Comprehension” always scored in the “guessing” range. I remember wanting to talk to my guidance counsellor about that in the 7th grade the WHOLE YEAR as I saw it on my 6th grade results and wanted answers .

Why was this so LOW when everything else was so high? What’s wrong with me? Can you fix it?

But he didn’t see me all year. Month after month, I’d hear name after name called to see him and I was never called.

It was when I got back my 7th grade tests and got the SAME EXACT SCORE for the same category that I was furious. I stomped in, knocking on his door but he wasn’t there.

I saw him on the hallway on the way out and started emotionally blubbering, asking “what was wrong with me why wouldn’t you see me all year it’s already the end of the year and you never saw me. ”

It was because I worked with him in theatre, he thought that was the same.

I never did get my official answer for this.

It wasn’t until my early 40s that I took the time to figure it out for myself. But I wanted answers THEN.

So: I think the distinction between horizontal line = line and vertical = not a line but a wall or a tower or an ‘edge’ is a listening comprehension issue, the same one that keeps me from being able to instantly understand “implied implications” without reasoning it out carefully.

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