My gut says it’s probably over reacting

It’s a very strict law there.
Texas Law says:
“The document states that, “in Texas, anyone who suspects that a child is being abused or neglected has a legal obligation to report it. Professional reporters are required to report allegations within 48 hours of first suspecting abuse or neglect.”

“By law, professionals may not delegate the duty to report to another person or entity or rely on another person or entity to make the report.””

48 hrs is not much time; it’s about as close to “right away” as you can get.

Original article says:…/second…/309167002/

“The detective said, based on his training and experience, that the 6-year-old students should not have knowledge of the types of sexual acts depicted in the photographs unless they’d seen or experienced it – therefore making them possible victims of sexual abuse.

By allowing the students to go home, the detective believed Underwood placed them at risk for further possible sexual abuse happening.

A search warrant was obtained to retrieve the contents of the student’s iPad. The detective viewed the images and confirmed there was explicit sexual contact between the victims while in the school classroom.

The three students were forensically interviewed at Patsy’s House Child Advocacy Center and made disclosures consistent with the images.”


My gut says it’s probably over reacting and that a detective wants a notch on his belt for getting another baddie, being the principal.

Then again, if it’s an abusive home situation and the principal sent them back, that could be worse.

Still, it seems very disruptive. As far as rights go, there’s so many layers at play here and one layer that’s completely one-sided.

As long as these complicated onion layers of rights exist a situation like this will be a tug of war.



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