my goodbye letter to the church as custodian. i had been doing it since i was 13 with a break for college.

Kenneth Udut
170 East Clay Ave
Roselle Park, NJ

Dear Mr. Jakositz,

I am regretfully unable to continue working for the church as
custodian. My load of responsibilities have been coming down rather
strongly upon me lately, and I really can’t handle the church along with

I appreciate the chance the church gave to me, once again, as
custodian and I’m sorry for any problems I may have caused in the
process. If there is anything more that needs to be resolved, please
call me at our 2nd line (908/2.41-6246) because the 2.41-8528 number is
temporarily down, and leave a message.

Please notify any necessary people. My apologies to the Board of
Trustees for the short notice.

Kenneth Udut

P.S. – I know of someone who is willing to do the job if you need
someone immediately. His name is Dan C.atala, phone number is 2.41-9007. Even though
my own work quality of late may have been poor, I think I would be able
to train someone new if necessary, because I know what the job entails.
Hope I can help in any way, shape or form. –Ken

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