My goals have shifted and changed many times in life. The question of “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” has always eluded me. 

Hi! My name is Kenneth Udut. My goals have shifted and changed many times in life. The question of “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” has always eluded me.

I had credits from a prior stint at community college 20 years ago – and went to a no-grades (and no credits) college 10 years prior to that. Yet, never enough for a degree. An AA might be a nice start.

I didn’t expect to find myself here. I’m way down in Collier County, FL. But, I enrolled last August for $25. FSCJ rolling admissions meant I could start right away. Next thing I know, ALL of my 24 20+ year old credits from New Jersey were GOOD. I was able to do some CLEP tests. I took some C7 courses in the Fall, some CLEPs, some A7 courses in the Spring – and now I’m here.

I believe in the IDEA of citizens having a well rounded education and yet I never walked the walk entirely myself. Self-taught is great and I am a believer in that and it’s how I’d always done things but there’s something to be said for going through the rigor of an accountable education such as this.

I’m an old school internet nerd from the ancient days of dumb terminals and mainframes and love learning for its own sake. Online learning has taken a VERY long time to mature to this point where the systems could be in place to allow this to be.

So whatever I am, here I am, whatever ‘here’ may be. I hope to gain a taste of labwork from various biological sciences from this course; skills I’d likely not fully acquired so far in life yet I believe is useful for well-rounded citizen knowledge, particularly in having the skills to know if someone’s not being entirely honest in a news article or study because you know enough to understand what they’ve done to get there and how to interpret it.

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself in this way and it’s my great pleasure to learn about everybody here and take this course.

PS: I tend to hyperfocus as a way to cope with ADHD-I and so many of my hobbies have reflected that. Computer programming, playing piano, trying to understand how the brain works or the universe works or whatever’s got my interest at that time, and so for me it’s hard to say if there’s balance, rather: what projects am I on right now or been?

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