My face is falling off-I’m

My face is falling off-I’m so happy! My second book is on Amazon, live for Kindle. It even has the preview thing – all my words – my words are up there!

You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to! There is *always* a way, even if you don’t see it right away. is the link with my awesome description of it but I’ll rewrite it here:

You are awesome!

When a person dies, people write about that person.

Their whole lifetime is summed up in the main form of communication that can travel through Time: Words.

We tell stories and when we want to really get to know a person who is no longer walking amonst us, we quote them…

Out of Context.

We assign great value to these words, even if the reason they are written becomes lost through Time, or simply because it is all that can fit on a T-Shirt.

Well, Kenneth Udut isn’t waiting to die.

Writing online since the late 1980’s, Kenneth Udut is embarking on a task greater than any has embarked upon before: Understanding Everything.

But all information comes in through little holes in the head 2 mm wide, yet is compressed into a stream that is stored in Analogy in a giant glob off fat on top of his head.

So, before writing The idea That Changes Everything, he is making use of the words that he has helped himself and thousands upon thousands of people online through the years with and bringing them all together.

This is only the beginning.

His heart and soul were poured into these words at the time. He will not explain them: The when and where they were penned is contained within but the what and why is an exercise left to the introspective.

For coming on this journey so far, you are awesome! Even if you do not download this book or stop here and want nothing to do with this, you are still awesome!

You are a genius. Find in what you are genius – those things that come effortlessly for you that you take for granted -and utilize them until you get bored and want to stop. Then… stop!

The first books of most authors are unread by most, until the future comes and people look back to what they’ve done before.

This is part of… the before.

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