my “coping skills” that mitigated potential disasters in my cognitive processe

my “coping skills” that mitigated potential disasters in my cognitive processe



i did – also explained in there (I noticed the mistake while i did it) that this is one of the drawbacks of doing project after project on a “speed” basis. [I consider doing this bingo card a mini-project]


depends on your personality. I do things moment to moment. I get inspired and I jump on it while it’s hot before it cools down. If I can’t, then usually the inspiration goes with it so I move on to something else.


I always had trouble forcing myself to do something, but if I make it a natural part of my daily or weekly routine I can do it. For example, if I had to do a do “three hours on this one task” each week, I’d add an extra hour on either side of it, and sandwhich the thing I don’t want to do with a fun thing to start, the 3 hours of project, then a fun thing to end. Then I have something to look forward to each week.—

One of my favorite things to do is “weekend projects”. Something that’s WAY more than I can chew at one sitting but I know it’s *possible* that I can accomplish it somehow, and it stretches my abilities? If it’s something I feel like no one has done before? I can spend 48-72 hours on it with very little sleep. Those are the most satisfying of all. Huge intensity, not gonna stop ’til it’s done. I’m a procrastinator by nature so this is one of the ways I work with my prorastination and let it do its magic (the midnight oil magic)


same. I get my writing fix out online in places like this. I made a couple of books on Amazon as joke-to-myself projects but to really sit down and do it properly? Never could find the subject matter. There’s just too much.

One of my quick ones (I was experimenting to see if I could force an e-book to have an interesting background and special font — I don’t remember if it succeeded] says my problem right in the title.
[don’t buy it btw – it’s not worth $1.99… and that’s not false modesty :P ]


oh yeah it worked, the color pages + special font. I had one serious book on there, my first, which I sat on for a year because I didn’t know what to do with the information (my 100,000 word Thesaurus – I found a pattern in English that I couldn’t figure out why that pattern was there]… and at least one person (a poet in Australia) is finding it useful…. but the rest are just whatever.

I treated Amazon as if it was a Facebook post or a Blog. I wanted to learn and understand the process of going from Start to Finish and now I know how to do it. It’s not hard. All that’s left is marketing… and maybe writing a book worth reading first


Pitfalls? None really. My goal was to “understand the process”. I wanted to know “How far can I go on my own without ANYBODY’S help?”

So, I got an idea, let’s say, turning Pride and Prejudice into a grammatically correct book where everything is replaced with “Blah”.

I did the work to make it (I was obsessing over parts of speech at the time), used a program to convert it into something Amazon likes (they’re flexible but they tell you what formats they prefer).

Set up a Kindle Book Publisher account. Easy stuff. I think I had to get two small figures sent to my bank account to verify or something.

Once that was done, just follow their suggestions.

So, with that file, I uploaded it made a book cover, set a price, and within a two or two, it was up and running.

Now if I had a SERIOUS book? I’d create “buzz” writing it. Get people excited about buying my book. Send out teaser pages to interested people. Have contests “get in my book” or whatever. Keep writing. Keep the buzz going.

Have a launch party online or something. Once available on Amazon, then I’d book time on radio (people do radio and it’s free anyway for interviews I think), TV, make press releases and send them out… etc.

and for that stuff? I’d probably have found an Agent to do a lot of this stuff for me. [setting up things].


I warn people *don’t buy this book”. They bought it anyway. Two people. Gave it one star. I was so happy.


I think I kept some pronouns and some other regular words. I don’t remember how I did it: I used Microsoft Access and I parsed the original text as best I could into parts of speech, then changed each one to “blah” or “blahed” or “blahingly” or whaever, then I put it back together again…. somehow. Don’t remember now. It was a long weekend project, one of my favorite kinds of projects.


Got a shock a few days ago. Somebody actually bought and liked the Thesaurus. I didn’t even know about it. It was from back in January ’17. I thought maybe it was a friend being nice to me, but nope – random dude.

That was pretty awesome.








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