My brother – argh! – half the pool empty this morning…

When we set up the pool this year, my brother decided that having a valve to empty out extra pool water was a good idea. I didn’t pay it much mind, until last niht.

It rained. Pool was up three inches higher than normal.

He used the valve. Didn’t say anything. Pool water was emptying out.

I noticed it, and shut the valve (as the levels had gone down by then).

This morning, I get up and can’t believe what I see: half of the pool water was MISSING!

He went off to work before I could rant at him, atlhough I think he heard me grumbling through the house.

I’ve since spent all morning so far refilling the pool and throwing whatever chemicals I can find at it. We have well water and I DON’T want yellow water coming in.

ARGH! As Charlie Brown once said.

I threw washing soda in it to raise the ph, as much bleach as I could find, now once its filled I’ll have to LOWER the ph and probably raise it yet again just to get things back to a normal, healthy pool.

Ugh. Stupid valve. and my brother, who is normally smart about such things, I’m sure simply forgot — but what a thing to forget.

argh!!!!!! Now my pool looks like a washing machine. It’ll clear up but until then…

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